2019 Paragliding Season

Upstairs Double Bedroom

Queen size bed
US$55 /night

Great double room for a couple. Fantastic views to the fly park.

You can almost check out the wind conditions from your bed.

Large cabinet with plenty of space. And the same shared bathroom a couple of steps away.

Upstairs Twin Bedroom

2 x single beds
US$45 /night

Great economical twin bedroom.

Still it is possible to bring the two beds together.

Great view to the fly park. Plenty of space for your stuff.

And conveniently located shared bathroom.

Bunk Bed @ The Dorm

6 x Full size adult bunk bed
US$25 /night

Probably the best Dorm you will ever experience.

With three massive steel Full-size bunk beds we could probably comfortably sleep 2 adults per bed.

The Dorm has its own dedicated bathroom with shower and a tube.